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About Us

The Parish of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was founded on December 10, 1958 by Richard Cardinal Cushing, carved out of territory from St. Mary of the Annunciation in Melrose, and parishes in Saugus.

A dairy farm was purchased from the Kiley family and exactly a year later, a church building modeled on the New England congregational style of the colonial era was occupied by the growing congregation.  For a year many of them had worshipped under the glare of a stuffed moosehead at the Mount Hood Lodge.

From the start, the parish had a lively and engaged community, and leaders who challenged the parish to excellence in liturgy and education.    Today, 1,500 households are on the roster.   We have set Sunday liturgy as the center of our life, from which everything else flows.    Nearly 700 people gather each Sunday for worship, building on our desire to be a hospitable and welcoming place for people wherever they may be on life’s journey.    Religious Education here is community-based and life-long.   We often say that the Incarnation is “God’s love made visible,” and we strive to make that love known in prayer, in learning, and in service. 

Incarnation just celebrated two milestone anniversaries, the formation of the parish in December 1958, and the dedication of our Church a year later.    We had wonderfully festive celebrations: great liturgies, fairs, and a huge gala at a Boston hotel.   Today, our life and ministry renewed, this young and growing parish forges ahead into being the best community we can.   We care committed to vibrant worship, life-long learning, and direct service to the poor here and abroad.  The Parish Pastoral Council is working on hospitality these days, considering populations within the parish that, although welcome, feel underserved.   We are looking at disaffected or angry parishioners, middle school youngsters, single and divorced Catholics and gay and lesbian Catholics.   The welcome here is explicit and universally felt, yet the PPC believes that there is work to be done in each area of concern.   Come and join the conversation!